LKG to 10th standard Admission Open for 2022-23

Nursery Section :

To develop Language Skills :

1).Rhymes, Singing, Story telling and General knowledge are being taught.

2).Children communicate with their peers and follow direction given by teachers and enjoy looking at picture books.

3).Worksheets are given to reinforce basic development skills.

To develop Sensory Development Skills :

1).Children learn to identify Colour and shapes, play with blocks, String beads.

2).Children learn opposites by distinguishing big and small, long and short, rough and smooth.

3). They also are involved in Sand play, feeling activities, smelling-tasting activities, clay work, tearing, finger printing etc.

To develop Gross Motor Skills :

1).Children do Running games and Exercises.

2).Activities like Pushing, Pulling, Sliding, Throwing, Kicking, Catching, Rolling, Climbing, Swinging, Jogging, Jumping, Cycling, Walking are a part of the skill.

3).Outdoor and indoor games are given importance.

To develop Fine Motor Skills :

1).Children enjoy puzzles and play table games.

2).Children are encouraged to Draw, Colour, Tear, Cut and Paste.

To develop Academic Skills :

1). Children are taught writing Alphabets (Big and Small), Numbers. Science concepts, General Knowledge, Story telling and Moral Education are also taught.

2). Children learn to distinguish Vegetables, Fruits, Domestic animals. Wild animals, Water animals, Airways, Roadways, Waterways etc.

To develop Social Skills :

1). Stories, Songs, Rhymes, Festivals and Birthday celebration are given importance here.

2).Children learn to share and play team games etc.

3).Children love to help each other.

Art and Craft :

Children enjoy doing craft work using Sand, Cotton, Collage, Chamkies, Spray painting etc.

Nature Study

Children are taken to the Mysore Zoological garden where they love watching birds and animals. They are also taken to parks, gardens etc.