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LKG to 10th standard Admission Open for 2022-23

From The School Desk :

Swami Vivekananda rightly said -“We want Education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded and by which one can stand on ones own feet”

Memory goes back to 1991 when the school took its birth. Today Pragathi Vidya Kendra is known for imparting value based education. Good education will always help the student to expand his/her knowledge and adopt with the changing times.

At Pragathi - Teachers are ready to take up continuous challenges for new ideas which will help in motivating the hidden talents of all the students. The attitude and beliefs of teachers are very positive and the same is seen perculating in the students.

Cultural roots and social values is a part of the curriculum. Modern technology is also being adopted with Smart boards / Audio Visual aids in the class rooms. The school lays emphasis on creative thinking, problem solving skills and life skills. The school sees that the minimum level of learning is attained by each child.

The Principal creates a " Dream Team " and helps them to work together by being with them. It is ensured that changes are introduced and sustained. Work shops / discourses on modern trends in education is an ongoing programme in the school.

The school also believes that “ Education ” in its true sense is achieved only when teachers, parents and management work together. Hence a close association is maintained which helps to focus towards the larger interest of the child. A clear communication is always maintained between them.

Lastly in Pragathi Vidya Kendra the whole system is structured and well planned. A pleasant environment for learning is always created. “ Education is a life long journey and it never ends ”. It is ensured that each child from the school is well equipped to be a law abiding citizen of the country having moral and social values. As years pass children carry the Pragathi Flag flying high and high spreading knowledge through its radiant light.

“ Vidya Amara Jyothihi ”


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